Thursday, October 16, 2008

#2 (3:05 - 3:40)


“This is your sacred quest. The doorway to higher levels of awareness in your life opens inward and most of us spends our lives facing the wrong way, looking outside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems. Where inward, in that silent, quiet, empty space within…is where the Universal intelligence lies; it is where your essence as a human being is. Begin to look inward rather than outward each day.”

This second message really makes a strong point on the subjectivity of life. I recall Dr. Wayne Dyer lecturing a message about someone losing his keys inside the house, but because it was dark, went outside where there was light to look for them. I mention this because it is always easier to look outside, to blame someone else or some random experience for the way things are in our life today.

This message however, is clear and has been expressed by many spiritual teachers. To fully understand oneself, one must look within. Go beyond the mind and thinkingness, beyond all self-identification with the body and other associations, beyond all desires…to that silence within. This is where the true Self resides.

Another thought that comes to mind is that how we interact with others in the world is a reflection of what is inside us and nothing else. If we treat people with disrespect or go around disliking others, it means that those behaviors come from inside us and not from anywhere else. When you squeeze an orange, does orange juice not come from inside it? Well when we are tested, when things don't work out the way we want or someone says something to us we don't want to hear, if hate or anger comes out of us... it means that it was already inside of us.

Therefore, it is clear that we must overcome the struggle within ourselves if we are to change our interactions in the world. How we see the world is merely a projection of our current way of thinking. The great part of all this is that it can be changed in a second….by merely changing our thoughts.

God bless.


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