Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#22 (15:53 – 16.13)

“Be conscious of your thoughts, of the makeup of your internal dialogue. Know that any thoughts you repeat that are contrary to your divine eternal essence are keeping you from experiencing the joyous and complete life you deserve.”

If you have been following this blog, you would have realized that so many of the ideas are concentrated around one’s thoughts. You come to understand that your thoughts are very powerful and create your reality; your perception of the world is framed by your own thoughts. By the Law of Attraction, the very thoughts you express initiate experiences that are aligned to those thoughts. It is true that ‘whether you can or you can’t, either way you are right’. If you think that you cannot do something, that’s going to be your experience. Also, W. Clement Stone said, ‘Whatever the mind of a man can conceive, it can achieve.’ He was right; he truly understands the power of the mind.

I recommend that we all take some time to reflect on the thoughts we are generating, because it is ultimately a reflection of how we feel about things. Once you are able to redirect your focus to the positives, your experience will be as such.

I can’t help but recall the Napoleon Hill affirmation.

“Oh Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom to use the power that I was given at birth in the form of the power to direct and control my mind to whatever ends I desire.” ~ Napoleon Hill on The Power of the Mind.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#21 (14:41 – 15:53)

human-spirit “Put this affirmation in as many places as possible; write it down. ‘In my world, nothing ever goes wrong’. Look at it each day and let it remind you that everything that has happened to you is in divine order and comes with a lesson. If you can live your life in the spiritual world as a spiritual being having a human experience, you become the witness to your life. And as you witness it, you say, nothing is going wrong, these aren’t problems that I have to be absorbed with, these are not things I have to be neurotic over. I am the witness. I am going to watch them, learn from them and understand that they all are in order; even the ones that I don’t understand and I don’t like. In my world, as Nisargadatta Maharaj said in I Am That, nothing ever goes wrong meaning, if you live in the spiritual world, you are the observer, and you are not all the boundaries, and all of the forms and all of the things we call problems.”

This is a very important message. It really talks about surrendering and faith. If you truly believe in a superior being, then you are able to see that the world and all occurrences are divine. What can go wrong if the world is divine and perfect just the way it is? The events that occur in the world around us are given the respective meanings by us. They do not mean anything in and of themselves; our minds project a meaning unto them, sometimes collectively, sometimes individually. Why do you think two different people can observe and event and experience two different things? The meanings of the events are merely self-projected.

However, surrendering your thoughts to the will of the Infinite Source allows you to see the perfection in the Universe. Everything is exactly where it is by virtue of what it is. Everything expresses its own divine nature. Therefore, nothing can go wrong. Everything will just express its divinity under given conditions. It can be no other way. Once you understand this, you see and experience the world in a totally different way. The great thing is that being the observer, you have total control over your perception. Therefore, create the Universe that you want to experience. You have an innate power to do so.

I conclude with an affirmation provided by Napoleon Hill:
”Oh Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom to use wisely the power I was given at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.”

God bless.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

#20 (14:15 – 14:40)

overcomingobstacles “Learn to allow others to work out their difficulties without feeling that you are the only one who can fix things. Your ego pushes you to fix things, while your higher Self wants you to experience peace and harmony. Choose the latter, allow your higher self to rule. Let other people work out some of the things and don’t have to be right all the time.”

This is a challenging one for many of us. We feel the need to intervene in other people’s lives all the time believing that we are ‘helping’ them. As Dr. Dyer says, this is just the ego allowing you to think that you can fix every situation. However, sometimes people are best left alone to overcome the situation themselves. How else would they learn and grow from the experience? Why else are we here on this planet? Friendly advice is one thing, but believing you know the solution to other people’s problems is another. Next time you feel the need to ‘fix’ a situation, choose to allow the other person to grow; see it as if you are robbing them of their own karmic evolution. Every moment of difficulty we experience is an opportunity for us to grow; so allow others to grow.

Think about all the difficult moments you had to go through in your life up until this point. In hindsight, you are able to see how those experiences changed you. These are the important life experiences that we all must go through that usually integrates into our consciousness and change our behavior. Yes, the journey is sometimes difficult, but the destination is usually worth every effort.

Many wonder why we are here on this planet; why the soul came into the body. This is a great explanation provided by Neale Donald Walsch. “The soul came into physicality in order that it might experience itself, express itself in the physical world as who it really is, thus to know itself in its own experience.” I thought this explained it so well, although it may seem confusing. There is really not much more to it. We think there is really a profound meaning to life, but it is amazing how simple an explanation there is to life. The challenge is knowledge of Self. Think about this a moment.