Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#4 (4:30 - 5:00)

horse-island121nature "Draw your inner energy from the beauty that surrounds you. When you do so, this energy reception will become a source of strength and sustenance in your life. As you begin practicing beauty appreciation, seeing it in all things that you encounter, including all people; as you begin to see the fullness of God in everyone, rather than something to judge, you will find a new kind of bliss in your everyday life."

I love this message because it once again reminds me of the Divinity that exists in all things. This energy that Dr. Dyer refers to, the energy of life itself, is the Divine energy that goes through all of us. I always do what I can do go beyond physical appearances and view everything situation or circumstance and every person or animal, from a spiritual perspective. This allows me to respect the Divine nature of everything.

I recall, at Dr. Hawkin's lecture in California, he mentioned that a tree respects us as humans because of our Divinity. He calibrated this using Kinesiology and it tested true. I thought that to be amazing. We normally see a tree as a physical, almost inanimate object at times, but there is a life energy that flows through it as well. This is as Divine as the energy that flows through me. Now, I do understand that and respect a tree because it is a tree and for no other reason. Respect all things by virtue of what they are, because they can be nothing else...a dog can only be a dog and nothing else, a cat can only be a cat, a snake can only be a snake, I can only be who I am.

Another thought comes to mind as I type. Dr. Hawkin's once spoke of Chief Detroit, a Native American chief, that will ask the deer for forgiveness for taking its life in order to sustain his own. He truly understand the Divinity, the White Spirit he called it, that exists in all things.

So I do not judge anything for being what it is, but I love and experience life's perfection and surrender my positionalities to God. So much to learn.

Thank you.

God bless.


Friday, October 24, 2008

#3 (3:42 - 4:25)

 appreciation"Become aware that there are no accidents in our intelligent Universe. Realize that everything that shows up in our life has something to teach you. Appreciate everyone and everything in your life. You need to begin looking inward at you who are and why you are here instead of outward at the physical world or anything in it. Make this a day of appreciation, a day of being in awe and bewilderment of everything that you come in contact with. Appreciate your liver, appreciate your eyes, appreciate your legs, appreciate your mind and everything you come in contact with. Instead of judging it, just appreciate it."

I am reminded of the perfection of the Universe in today's lesson. I really believe in this message because I have experienced it firsthand. I remember times, especially in hindsight, when people came into my life right when I needed assistance to guide me through seemingly challenging moments. I realized how blessed I was to have had these people there at those very moments. Thinking about it, I understood how much more difficult it would be if they were not present. I thank God many times for giving me this conscious awareness and understanding; otherwise I would take many things for granted.

Everyone that shows up in our lives are here to teach us a lesson. I think Dr. Dyer said that we must look inwards rather than outwards because the way we deal with these people are up to us. It is a reflection of us and not them. So whatever is in us is projected outwards in how we experience and perceive the world. It is a test each day for me because at times some things come outwards that I may not necessarily want. I am aware of it and I am working on it constantly.

As Shakespeare said "This world is a stage and we are all actors". He was right in the sense that it offers us the opportunity to become who we want through our experiences in the world. Is there a better place to realize the true self? I believe unconsciously we attract these situations so that we can ultimately overcome them in order to progress spiritually. I look forward to today's challenges and will not judge them, but appreciate them all and everything and everyone that are around me.

Thank you God.



Thursday, October 16, 2008

#2 (3:05 - 3:40)


“This is your sacred quest. The doorway to higher levels of awareness in your life opens inward and most of us spends our lives facing the wrong way, looking outside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems. Where inward, in that silent, quiet, empty space within…is where the Universal intelligence lies; it is where your essence as a human being is. Begin to look inward rather than outward each day.”

This second message really makes a strong point on the subjectivity of life. I recall Dr. Wayne Dyer lecturing a message about someone losing his keys inside the house, but because it was dark, went outside where there was light to look for them. I mention this because it is always easier to look outside, to blame someone else or some random experience for the way things are in our life today.

This message however, is clear and has been expressed by many spiritual teachers. To fully understand oneself, one must look within. Go beyond the mind and thinkingness, beyond all self-identification with the body and other associations, beyond all desires…to that silence within. This is where the true Self resides.

Another thought that comes to mind is that how we interact with others in the world is a reflection of what is inside us and nothing else. If we treat people with disrespect or go around disliking others, it means that those behaviors come from inside us and not from anywhere else. When you squeeze an orange, does orange juice not come from inside it? Well when we are tested, when things don't work out the way we want or someone says something to us we don't want to hear, if hate or anger comes out of us... it means that it was already inside of us.

Therefore, it is clear that we must overcome the struggle within ourselves if we are to change our interactions in the world. How we see the world is merely a projection of our current way of thinking. The great part of all this is that it can be changed in a second….by merely changing our thoughts.

God bless.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

#1 (2:16 - 3:02)

acorn_sprout “Know in your heart there is an invisible intelligence in everything; and you have the power to make contact with this Divine intelligence and create a life of bliss. There is something Divine that rolls through all things. You can’t get a hold of it?

A little seedling has treeness in it when it is put into the ground. You can’t see treeness or you can’t see the tree, yet know it is in there. And same is with you. You have greatness, you have an energy that is so powerful that it flows through you and everything that you come in contact with. Know it, begin to trust it and you will find yourself experiencing transformation in your life.”

I love this first message for several reasons; the main reason being that it speaks to me clearly of my Divine nature. The same energy that flows through everything in nature, flows through me. Therefore, not only am I Divine (that I come from God and I represent a physical manifestation of God), but so is everyone and everything around me. Therefore, all deserves the same love and respect that I would give myself.

Also, I see that because of this Divine nature that nothing is impossible. Is anything impossible for God? Well then I have the power to create anything that I want in my life. I have access to the infinite power that created the Universe. The power from this field of infinite potentiality allows me to experience life the way I want because I know that through my thoughts and trusting in this Divine energy, I can definitely create this life of bliss.