Sunday, October 12, 2008

#1 (2:16 - 3:02)

acorn_sprout “Know in your heart there is an invisible intelligence in everything; and you have the power to make contact with this Divine intelligence and create a life of bliss. There is something Divine that rolls through all things. You can’t get a hold of it?

A little seedling has treeness in it when it is put into the ground. You can’t see treeness or you can’t see the tree, yet know it is in there. And same is with you. You have greatness, you have an energy that is so powerful that it flows through you and everything that you come in contact with. Know it, begin to trust it and you will find yourself experiencing transformation in your life.”

I love this first message for several reasons; the main reason being that it speaks to me clearly of my Divine nature. The same energy that flows through everything in nature, flows through me. Therefore, not only am I Divine (that I come from God and I represent a physical manifestation of God), but so is everyone and everything around me. Therefore, all deserves the same love and respect that I would give myself.

Also, I see that because of this Divine nature that nothing is impossible. Is anything impossible for God? Well then I have the power to create anything that I want in my life. I have access to the infinite power that created the Universe. The power from this field of infinite potentiality allows me to experience life the way I want because I know that through my thoughts and trusting in this Divine energy, I can definitely create this life of bliss.


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  1. This is definitely a powerful message. It caught my attention as soon as I read the first sentence. So interestingly, I was sitting in my room and just let my thoughts wander last night. It stopped at the points of "who I am at this point of my life" and "how I become what I am today." I always had a thought, not really a dream, to come to the US. I don't remember since when I started to envision a picture from my thought. Things happened in life that made me envision more... My thought was somehow transformed to become a vision. Then, my dream came true at some point here in the US so smoothly. Reading Noel's story in receiving God's message and then building the gigantic ark out of nowhere, I have once again tasted God's grace that He has in us, the divine nature. Realizing the divine nature and trust it, life seems to become so simple, peaceful and joyful. After staying so long on the ark in the middle of this endless ocean, and after the Raven he sent to find a land came back with nothing; Noel was frustrated and questioned God. While feeling frustrated and confused; all of a sudden, Noel started to pray and dance. God laughed and said, "Noel, you have once again touched my heart. I will give you a sign tomorrow. Send a dove." Without a doubt the land was discovered. We truly can't know how many tests and challenges that God will give to us as assignments on earth to prepare us for a greater good. Yet, one thing we can be sure is to Trust God, to believe in the divine nature that He grants us and to exercise that belief in our life. Oftentimes, it is just so simple to give up to God and peace and happiness is there for us.
    I don't know how much we can distinguish whether there is a tree or treeless when there is no tree yet. Yet, I'd rather believe that it is a tree because there is always something valuable when it comes from God; there is always bliss of life when we trust the divine nature that we get from God.
    Share with you the song that I always love:
    Yehweh is my shepherd now, I shall not want, I shall not want.
    Yehweh is my shepherd now, I shall not want anything.
    In meadows of green grass I lie.
    To waters of rest he leads me.
    He guides me a long ways of goodness for the glory of his name.
    Though I pass through the valley of darkness, I fear no evil or harm.
    For you stand beside me with all your love to raise my heart with joy.
    You prepare a banquet for me before the eyes of my enemies.
    You have anointed my head with oil.
    My cup floods with joy.
    Surely goodness and kindness will follow me all of the days of my life.
    My home is the house of Yahweh for as long as I may live.
    God Bless Us All!!