Sunday, November 22, 2009

#25 (17:12 – 17:53)

“If you are engaging in addictive behavior of any kind, the most effective way to rid yourself of the addiction is to go directly to your higher Self and turn this problem over to God. That’s right, just turn it over, surrender knowing that the highest force in the Universe is within you. Simply say, ‘God, I am turning this addiction over to you. I have tried everything else, now I am trying you’. And allow the higher part of yourself and allow God in to help remove those temptations of the senses that you think you can’t live without.”

In listening to this lesson this morning, the twelve step program game to mind and I understand why the 12 step program has been so successful. It allows us to understand a fundamental principle, that there is a higher power greater than ourselves, that could restore us to sanity [STEP 2]. It is no coincidence that this step comes after admitting that one was powerless over one’s addiction [STEP 1], and before making a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God as we understand God [STEP 3]. Isn’t this great? There is so much power in the 12 step program, power I am yet to fully comprehend, but it was designed in such a way that it brings forth a healing power that is at a very high level. I believe the key to it is the belief in a power higher than one’s own will, and when one admits that, through humility, then the blockages of the ego are removed somewhat, allowing the healing or recovery process to occur spontaneously.

We do not have the power within ourselves to bring forth this sort of energy, but once we surrender to the Source of All, we access the unlimited potentiality of the Universe. Therefore, if there is any addiction that you are suffering from, surrender to God as you understand God and repeat the mantra “God, I am turning this addiction over to you. I have tried everything else, now I am trying you” and watch the healing process occur. Amazing isn’t it?