Monday, March 23, 2009

#17 (12:49 - 13:11)

"Adhere to the most important guideline ever passed on to us from the spiritual world; Love thy neighbor as thyself. Make this a daily affirmation in your life, beginning today; I will love my neighbor as I love myself."

This is said to be the most important teaching one should live by. Once this is adhered to, then we will be conscious of everyone else. Treat others as you would want to be treated; it is very simple message, yet very hard to practice. We do not see ourselves as connected to everyone else, therefore we lack the compassion we should have for others. Once we understand that human consciousness is intrinsically innocent, we view the world totally different. My goal today is to show and be compassionate to all within my presence. I would like you all to practice that as well. Life becomes a very beautiful experience once this valuable message is adhered to. Jesus Christ said it through his message of love, peace and forgiveness. Peace and love are states that prevail once we learn to forgive; they are always within us. They are merely being blocked by our egocentric positionalities.

Anytime you think negatively of someone, or find yourself saying something unkind about someone, think about it and contemplate whether or not you would like to be in that person’s position. Every time you think of saying something about someone, think whether or not it would be beneficial for the person, or if you are saying it to make fun of the person. If it is the latter, then practice refraining from saying it at all because it can only lead to someone getting hurt. There is never a need to judge. Those who judge only defines themselves as someone who needs to judge; it says nothing about the person they are judging.

Much Blessings.


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