Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#16 (12:16 -12:48)

"Today, shed your fault-finding tendencies. Know that you are the creator of your life and that a loving presence is always with you. Your ability to be self-reliant will overtake your habit of assigning blame. Another way of saying this is that 'your life is a product of all of the choices you have made up until now and no one else is to blame for anything that is going on in your life'. Circumstances don't make a man, they reveal him, as James Allen said."

This is a very important message to understand. We are indeed the creator of our lives; the world we experience is exactly that which we created for ourselves. Anytime things occur in our lives that we can't explain, or that we did not want, we find it easy to blame someone or something else. However, as soon as we realize that these occurrences can only be experienced through thought, we see that we have full control of how these impact our lives. This is very powerful. There is no one else to blame for anything.

Everything that happens to us, we attract. In other words, what we put out into the Universe, is precisely what is returned to us. For example, if we always express hatred, the world would seem to be a very hateful place. On the other hand, if we always express love and peace, that would be the image we have of the world and good things will be drawn to us. This concept is amazing once it is thought of at a profound level. I believe what's important is not what happens; because things will always happen. It is how we think about the things that happen. Perception is the key.

Thank you God.


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