Monday, March 30, 2009

#18 (13:12 - 13:32)

"Make an attempt to think globally rather than locally. People who look different, speak a different language, have a different belief are all a part of us. We are all now here together. In the eyes of the loving presence, there are no favorites."

In thinking about this, I get a message about connectedness. There is no separation amongst us. Even if it seems so perceptually, in reality we are all connected. Therefore, there can be no favorites, no you and me, no this way better than that way. Everything just is the way it is as its true essence is revealed in the world. I remember a very profound saying of Dr. David Hawkins; "You are what you are by virtue of your very essence."

Once we understand that we are all connected, then we begin to perceive things and treat people differently. Our perception of the world changes and we are totally transformed. One of the previous lessons state that once we know we are connected to all others, we are not able to harm anyone. Ultimately, we are only harming ourselves. Dwell on this idea for some time today; you will see how true this is.

There is only the Self.

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