Thursday, November 27, 2008

#8 (6:51 - 7:40)

crucifixion "Attempt to remove all enemies from your thoughts. The same intelligence that flows through you, flows through all human beings. When you know you are connected to all, you cannot fathom striking out at others; let alone feeling hatred for them. Or another way of saying this is... 'on a round planet, there's no choosing up sides'. We all are here for a reason, we all have the same Divine energy flowing through us and when we stop thinking of ourselves as separate from everyone else, we begin to see and experience the love that we are here for in the first place. In my opinion, God doesn't want us to love God, God wants us to learn to love each other. That's what it means to be a holy being; to not have enemies, and to love each other. That's truly what loving God is all about."

When I listened to this message, I thought of a couple ideas that I heard previously. The first being Jesus Christ on the cross being crucified, as depicted in the image above. His message was one of forgiveness. Why? Well, he understood that as humans, our common flaw is our ignorance - our inability to determine truth from what is not not the truth (falsehood). Therefore if we are not able to tell what is truth, then how can we be blamed for our actions. Therefore, he had compassion for them and asked his Father to forgive them, even as his 'life' was being taken.

The second idea that came to mind was from a lecture from Dr. David Hawkins. He relayed the same message of Christ. He also said that once there is love, there is no need for forgiveness, because there would be nothing to forgive the person for. From the time one feels the need to forgive, one have already judged the person. There is a tendency for the ego to judge others because there is a belief that in separateness. We are all at different stages of our respective journeys. Our judgements are mere perceptions of others' journeys that we do not and cannot comprehend.

This is an amazing concept. I totally understood that because we almost always instantly judge others at first glance. This is because we associate ourselves with our minds and bodies. Therefore, when we see someone or someone's actions, we immediately look at it from a superficial level, from a material level, and choose not to look at them from their Divine natures.

The first sentence of the lesson is "Remove all enemies from your thoughts". Am I able to do that? I believe I can. All it requires is that I become an expression of love and surrender everything to God. I have to let Go and let God as Dr. Dyer says. I have to become detached from all 'positionalities' and all ego-centered thoughts and ideas. Only then, will the conditions of lovingness, forgiveness and the perception of oneness prevail in my conscious experience.

Thank you.

God bless.



  1. "When you know you are connected to all, you cannot fathom striking out at others; let alone feeling hatred for them..."

    This line truly touched me and although I know it is true, I wondered why it was so hard for me to put into practice and I re-read the sentence and found out why - it starts with

    "When you know..."

    It is easy for us to hurt those who we love when we feel hurt ourselves because we do not recognise or know that we are connected to each other. The concept of returning sweet words for harsh ones, kindness for pain and turning the next cheek is hard for us to do when we do not live in awareness.

  2. @ nessty | I agree that it can be difficult to put into practice. However, it does take practice, and once you start doing so more often, you will actually create that greater awareness within yourself. The ego has a tendency to want to hurt others to feel as if it has won a conflict, however, most times, you will notice how bad you feel after you have done so. There is no end to it. I notice that it becomes easier once you surrender everything to the will of God and just be kind at all times, regardless of the situation. By being kind, you will notice that not only do you become a stronger person emotionally, but others learn from you as well. Ultimately, the overall consciousness level of humanity increases because of it.

    Thanks for you comment.