Thursday, December 10, 2009

#27 (18:41 – 19:30)

“Accept this seeming contradiction; the fact that your body will die and that you are also eternal. Surrender to this fact that when someone dies, and stop telling yourself that his or her death should not have happened the way that it did. You can surrender and you can grieve. You do not die; that which was never born, never dies. You are an eternal spirit, formless. You are transforming your life with this. Going beyond form means you, the real you, the observer within is ageless and timeless. That which it is observing, noticing is bound by the need for things to begin and end.”

This is the most difficult idea to accept, especially if you have lost someone very close to you. Believing that we are eternal beings and knowing that to be true are two totally different things. However, if you believe in the perfection of the Universe and that no accidents can happen, then you can understand everything happens the way it should and it becomes easier to surrender. Once you surrender to the will of God, surrender everything to God, then your experience of the world becomes easier to handle because you develop an inner knowingness that all that happens is of God’s will and you do not have the capacity to understand why. Therefore, do not be in conflict with the way things are. Accept it even if it is difficult to understand that we are eternal beings, we are spiritual beings that have temporary bodies. The Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can change form. Life is energy, and therefore, cannot be destroyed and was never created. We only change form. Science has proven this time and time again.

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