Saturday, December 5, 2009

#26 (17:54 – 18:40)

guilt “Practice releasing the emotions of fear and guilt; replace them with love, forgiveness and kindness. If you are feeling guilty about your past conduct, remind yourself that you are inviting turmoil into your life. Release the guilt by forgiving yourself and vowing to avoid this sort of conduct in the future. Guilt is a waste of your mental energy. Everything that you have done is over, it all had a lesson for you. Using up your present moments feeling bad about it is only one more way of keeping yourself from being fully and spiritually alive in the present. Send guilt out of your life beginning now; it is just a thought away.”

Guilt is a very low energy to express. Dr. David Hawkins said this in Power versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, “Guilt-domination results in a preoccupation with ‘sin,’ an unforgiving emotional attitude frequently exploited by religious demagogues, who use it for coercion and control. Such ‘sin-and-salvation’ merchants, obsessed with punishment, are likely either acting out their own guilt, or projecting it unto others.” I see why guilt is one of the emotions that is most difficult to let go of. Not only is it used by many for coercion and manipulation, but the ego also feeds off of it to maintain its domination over our conscious evolution. Dr. Wayne Dyer says to release guilt by replacing them with love, forgiveness and kindness. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools; both forgiveness of oneself and others can have a profound effect on one’s spiritual evolution. It allows us to see that we are all humans and are prone to mistakes. Once you truly understand that human consciousness is innately innocent and that it cannot tell the difference between what is truth from what is not, then it cannot help but make mistakes. So you are instantly able to forgive. Your perception and experience of the world then changes. Consequently, there is no need to dwell on any given occurrence of the past because of this. Forgive yourself and move on. Learn from it and work on becoming a better person if you feel that how you reacted or what you did was not aligned with your true nature.

The experiences of life are all lessons for us, so we must release all guilt that resides in us because of mistakes of the past. These had to happen otherwise they wouldn’t have. So learn from them and vow not to make the same mistakes again. Great things will then happen in our lives. We all have to power within us to remove this guilt. We have the choice to do so; it is just a thought away.

Be kind and loving to all of life, in all of its expressions.

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