Saturday, January 10, 2009

#13 (10:33 - 11:03)


"Remember that what you think about expands. Since you have the power to make the inner world work with you or against you, use it to create the image of bliss that you want to occur in your material world. Eventually that inner bliss will be the blueprint you will consult as the architect of your everyday life. Your thoughts create your reality. Once you know this you will be very careful about what you think about."

I really understood the power of thought when I listened to various Buddhist teachings and lectures from Dr. Dyer. This message is also expressed through Esther Hicks as well. Thoughts create our reality. Therefore, change your thoughts about the world, and the world you experience changes simultaneously. Amazing stuff when you think about it. No pun intended.

If we delve deeper into the meaning of this lesson, we will realize that we are in total control of our lives. Since we experience our lives through thought, then once we learn to control and be careful about what we think about, we can truly experience the bliss and harmony we desire in our everyday lives. Change the very thoughts we have and we change our world.  A very simple concept; however, we do find difficulty in its application to our daily lives. The Buddha said it correctly "All we are is a result of what we have thought." Also, everything we experience in life, we have attracted towards ourselves. Think about this deeply and the meaning will shine forth.

I recently posted a great video by Napoleon Hill on Great Talks; The Power of the Mind. He talks about the great gift we were all given by our Creator; the ability to take control of one's mind and direct it to whatever ends one desires. Check it out. I highly recommend this video.

God bless.


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