Monday, August 24, 2009

#23 (16:16 – 16:44)

“Make an attempt to tame your ego by catching yourself when you persistently use the pronoun I. You can make the decision to take the focus off of yourself. The more you cutback on I, the more personal freedom you will experience. See how many times today you can start your sentences with you, rather than I. Instead of making self references, just inquire about the other person.”

I just wrote another blog posting where I mentioned that in order to get something you really want, you have to learn to first give it away to others. This brings forth the realization that you never lacked it in the first place; you had what you wanted all along and this draws more of it to you. This could be love, wealth, abundance, divine relationship… anything really. It is really amazing how this Universe works. See article here.

This lesson is meant to bring our attention to the ego; the ego which is always focused on its own survival. What I have come to understand is that we should not attack the ego, because it is the ego that allowed us to survive for this long. As Dr. Dyer said carefully, we should make an attempt to tame the ego. Essentially, we need to understand it; understand that the way it behaves is its very nature and once we know that, we can gain control of it. The natural consequence of this is less focus on the I, and more focus on others because there would be the realization that we do not need to fight for our survival. There is no need to prove that you are right, or win, or get. It is usually best to be kind rather than to be right all the time. The ego believes that it will die if it does not have control, but that is false. It actually leads to freedom and the only way to find out is to practice. Practice this lesson today and this will be very clear.

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