Monday, December 8, 2008

#10 (8:11 - 9:03)

people talking 2 "Keep in mind that grievances bring turmoil and communication brings peace. If you are angry at someone in your life, work at communicating those grieved feelings with that person, no matter how difficult it may be. One of the things that really destroys relationships is the unwillingness to talk or be open about the things that are difficult for us to talk about. So even if it is something that you feel inside you can't do, just push aside that impossibility and say to yourself "I'm gonna talk to my spouse, or my lover, or my daughter, or my mother about these things, and the talking is a way of releasing the energy that is built up that creates all the turmoil that we live with that destroys relationships"

This lesson, to me, reflects a message of honesty and being true to yourself. I think it becomes very difficult for us to reflect the highest truth on a day to day basis, especially if we are attached to the positionalities of our egos. I truly believe that once we learn to detach from these positionalities, the spirit of our true self will prevail. All these attachments to ideas, beliefs, accolades, striving, all this stuff, make it difficult for that condition to reveal itself. Therefore, when I think about my nature and day-to-day life, I do my very best to be who I am and not be attached to other people's opinions or expectations of me. Ultimately, you will feel happy with who you are and what you have evolved into because everything that occurred, you know you made the choice based on how you feel and what you believed to be true at that moment in time. Trust in God and trust in your very nature, and you will experience a life that is simply amazing.

God bless.

Love, Frank

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